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We NO LONGER offer training... but we are happy to be a training resource!

Currently Healing Pawsabilities is NOT offering training classes BUT we have been lucky to have and to have worked with some of the best trainers in our area!  Kelly (owner of Healing Pawsabilities) has gone mobile to focus on her growing animal massage clientel. Even though we don't have a "Facility" any more -our trainers are still teaching in the area- and some have even moved next door to teach at BARK PLACE daycare which is only 3 doors down from where we were located (right on the other side of Little Paws Bakery)! We are so happy that their classes will continue on, and can still refer them! Please find their contact info below and be sure to contact them directly to find out about their schedules and classes!! 


Available for group classes and private sessions
*Basic/advanced obedience/manners
*Canine Good Citizen/Advanced Canine Good Citizen
*Therapy Dog Prep and Certification
*Puppy Classes/AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy


Toddy is available for group classes and private lessons.

*Impulse control and loose leash walking skills

*Canine Good Citizen/Advanced  CGC

*Therapy Dog Prep

*Continuing education for CGC certified and working Therapy Dogs


 239-400-3615 *note- this number cannot recieve texts- only voicemails
Mary Francis does private in home training as well as group classes in multiple locations. She is the ONLY Certified Canine Behaviorist in Lee County. She specializes in:
*Basic/advanced obedience/manners
*Reactivity and aggression
*Baby/Family Preparation and Management
*Specialized Potty training programs


Julie is the ONLY Certified NACSW Nosework instructor in our area!!!
She teaches both beginning and advanced Nosework, for fun and for competition!
Checkout the National Association of Canine Scent Work for more info on this awesome sport, and contact Julie directly for her class times and locations!


 Kelly is not currently teaching classes (although there maybe an Agility or Rally class offered here and there in the future!), but if and when that changes, we will be sure to let you know! For now- she is focused on helping her animal clients through massage and Life Pulse PEMF therapy! If you are looking for pain relief for you or your animals- contact her today!! 239-281-7777 



  Unfortunately...the dog training world is not regulated... please make sure your trainer is certified. Whatever trainer you use - ask where they went to school, what credentials do they have? What methods or tools do they use? Do they continue to take classes and seminars to further their behavior education? If you are not comfortable with a trainer or their methods- SPEAK UP! You are your dog's voice! We have many great relationships with other wonderful trainers-  we can find you someone in your area who fits your needs. We want you to find a certified professional you are comfortable with.  Your dog is important to us. You are important to us.  


 We believe in SUPER PUPPIES and socialization! Click & Download this FREE E-Book from renouned Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar: Before You Get Your Puppy  to help you start your puppy right. (Its also either free or $.99 in the Kindle store.) Errorless potty and chew toy training is in Chapter 4!! Visit Dog Star Daily  

for tons of amazing training and behavior resources!

The primary and MOST important time for puppy socialization is the first 3 months of life. For this reason  the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior believes that it should be the standard of care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated as well as debunking the dominance myth! Click this link to read their position statements!

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Healing Pawsabilities was, and our recommended trainers are, proud to be one of the area's only force free training companies. We were and are dedicated to using science based, positive techniques for both our four-legged friends AND the humans who love them. It is imperative that our clients build lasting relationships with their animals, built on trust and motivation. Remember...positive doesn't mean permissive- we just don't use pain or fear to do it. Click on these underlined words to visit the Pet Professional Guild directly- an organization dedicated to Force Free Professionals (for which Kelly was a founding member!). Membership to the PPG is open to anyone who loves dogs- whether you're an owner or a professional in the animal field, and they offer incredible, educational resources!